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With nearly 20 years of experience in water, mold, and smoke damage restoration, PuroClean Disaster First Response has earned a reputation as "The Paramedics of Property Damage." We do more than clean up after a property disaster. In response to every emergency, we provide a combination of exceptional property mitigation services delivered with an equal degree of compassion. We help rescue homes. We put businesses back on their feet. We help you get back to your life.


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With knowledge and compassion, we understand what a water emergency needs: Urgency & Sensitivity. We identify the damage and provide professional service.  We also specialize in Mold Remediation, Smoke Cleanup, Along with Biohazard Cleanup, Sanitization and Testing.  Coping with any kind of property loss can be devastating. It is an experience that affects families on both a material and emotional level with the loss of property as well as the loss of a sense of security and safety. We understand that responding to property emergencies is more than restoring the damage. Behind every loss is a homeowner who needs consolation or a business owner who is struggling to minimize downtime.


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Below are just some of the services  we have offered Randolph and Moore counties for the last 20 years.

Water Damage removal and cleanup, Fire and Smoke Damage cleanup, Mold Damage removal and cleanup, Sewage damage removal and cleanup, Bio-hazard cleanup, Sanitization and Testing

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